Get Involved

The time has come for everyone to get involved and spread awareness about what is going on in Taiji, Japan. There are many ways for you to get involved.

1. Watch the Academy Award winning documentary The Cove! Share it with your friends!

2. Contact the Japanese Embassy and log a complaint about the capturing and slaughter of migratory dolphins in Taiji. To find numbers to call look here

3. Consider making a donation to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society   to help aid  in there campaign to end the dolphin slaughter.

4. DO NOT buy a ticket to a dolphin show! DO NOT participate in "Swim with Me" programs, or go to any establishment (zoo's, hotels, or sea parks), that have dolphins.  We know that these animals are amazing and you want a closer look, but understand that buy giving money to these facilities, not only are you taking part in the cruelty of captivity, you are also fueling the need for more dolphins to be caught.